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Learning 2.0 Design

Peer collaboration is something that likely already occurs in every organization on an informal basis. Frequent questions shouted over cubicle walls or conversations about challenging projects at the water cooler are evidence that we learn from one another on a continuous basis. Providing structured tools and solutions to foster that collaborative spirit across the entire organization is a way to scale the knowledge sharing and learning support of all employees. These tools, together with the right implementation and maintenance strategy, comprise a Learning 2.0 solution that is unique to the needs and nuances of the organization.

In this engagement, the professionals at Tandem Learning will meet with key stake holders in your organization to assess your needs and provide a “lay of the land” overview of how different technologies can effectively address those needs. You will walk away from the engagement with a roadmap that defines your unique Learning 2.0 strategy based on your existing learning environment, technology, and culture.

Upgrade to Learning 2.0 with Tandem Learning.